Why Write About Dave Ramsey?

Melissa J. Hogan
3 min readNov 5, 2021

I never expected to write a series of articles about lawsuits involving Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions. But here we are.

The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey

The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey: Part 2

The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey: Part 3

The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey: Part 4

In 2005, I won a silent auction item at a charity event that I gifted to my now ex-husband, Chris Hogan. The prize was an opportunity to sit in on Dave Ramsey’s radio show. Six months, many interviews (including interviews of me), and a business plan later — that connection would go on to get him a job at Ramsey Solutions.

It only took me 14 more years to realize that nothing was as I thought it was.

I was recently asked in my deposition by lawyers for Ramsey Solutions — why was I writing these articles? Did someone ask me to? (no) Did someone proofread them? (no) Do I write about other companies? (some) Do I make money writing these? (lol, enough to buy maybe three coffees!).

The simplest answer is — I’m a lawyer and a writer and so writing about legal cases is interesting to me. The extended answer is my tagline at the end — Sunlight is indeed the best of disinfectants.

But now that I’ve had extended time to consider it, I realize that the full answer is a lot more complex. When you are controlled and manipulated and harassed and abused, your agency is taken away. You are made to believe…



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