The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey: Part 2

Melissa J. Hogan
13 min readSep 23, 2021

Recently I summarized the lawsuits against or involving Dave Ramsey and his company Ramsey Solutions (legal name: The Lampo Group). If you haven’t read it, go back and read that now for context.

My previous article made clear that I don’t claim to be a disinterested party; I have experienced my own legal harassment at the hands of Dave Ramsey and am now involved or potentially affected by several of the cases below. I do my best, however, given that I’m a licensed attorney and someone who holds myself to a high standard of integrity, to be as objective as possible about these cases. I follow and report on them because I see disturbing patterns across the cases and because even though transparency and accountability are good aims of our public court system, sometimes court records are difficult for the everyday person to access and/or understand.

Significant events have occurred in almost every case since my original article, and there are new cases too. Here’s a list so you can jump to the ones that interest you most.

1. Washington v. Timeshare Exit Team

2. Lampo Group v. Chris Hogan

3. Brad Amos v. Lampo Group

4. Caitlin O’Connor v. Lampo Group

5. Lampo Group v. Marriott Hotel Services

6. Lampo Group v. Kevin Paffrath

1. Washington v. Timeshare Exit Team:

Williamson County (TN) Circuit Court, Miscellaneous Docket, Case №21CV-267 (Dave Ramsey motion to compel case only). Actual case against Reed Hein: King County (WA) Superior Court, Case №20–2–03141–1 SEA.

Ramsey Solutions isn’t a party to this lawsuit, but they are involved in an interesting way because Dave Ramsey publicly and emphatically endorsed Timeshare Exit Team (TSET) for many years. Dave is now required to sit for a deposition with the Washington state Attorney General.

TSET is a timeshare exit company that the State of Washington alleges has been engaged in deceptive practices, bilking consumers out of fees paid and then not actually getting them out of their timeshares or refunding money in accordance with their 100% money-back guarantee. You can find some great background in this Inside Edition story.

The State of Washington, in an effort to assign personal liability to the two individual owners of TSET (legally named Reed Hein…

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