The Case(s) Against Dave Ramsey

Melissa J. Hogan
16 min readApr 20, 2021

In the fall of 2019, I had a legal encounter with Dave Ramsey’s company, Ramsey Solutions (legal name: The Lampo Group). As a lawyer myself, I became interested in certain themes I noticed in how they handle legal (and other) challenges.

As background, for over twenty years, I was married to Chris Hogan, now a former Ramsey personality who first began working at Ramsey Solutions in 2005. Eventually, I lost faith in the integrity of Dave Ramsey personally and in the company and its board based on how they handled my ex-husband’s infidelity as well as other matters such as their deceptive and manipulative handling of me. You can read more about my experience in my public statements here and here, as well as in related articles about their gossip policy and the failure of pastors with ties to Ramsey to speak about their actions.

An ice sculpture at one of the many Ramsey Solutions Christmas parties I attended over the course of fourteen years

In the course of my divorce, my attorneys issued a subpoena to Ramsey Solutions to substantiate certain income and benefits, as well as to identify internal discussions occurring at Ramsey Solutions related to my divorce and their characterization of my actions. You can read more about that situation at the end of this article.

More recently, it seems like every few months, someone else is suing Dave Ramsey and/or Ramsey Solutions. After my own experience with them, it doesn’t surprise me, but as a lawyer myself, I find these cases fascinating to follow. So I’ve compiled a summary of current and recent cases. I won’t add my thoughts on the merits — that’s a story for another day. Where I refer to “allegations” or something as being “alleged” — the facts are not yet proven; however, I note that there is a higher standard to allege something in a court filing than in say, a conversation with a friend. All court documents referenced come from public court files, although the Williamson County court documents are not maintained online so they have been scanned and linked here.

1. Amos v. Lampo Group: Filed in Williamson County (TN) Chancery Court on April 15, 2021, Case № 21CV-50339M, this case is too new to even have a judge assigned. The case was filed by a former Ramsey Solutions employee who alleges retaliatory discharge under the Tennessee Public Protection Act (T.C.A. s 50–1–304 et seq.), religious discrimination under the Tennessee Human Rights Act (T.C.A. s 4–21–101…

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